Al Bahr Shrine
Drum & Bugle Corps
5440 Kearney Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92111-1393

Who we are!!

We are one of the oldest Units in Al Bahr.   Organized in May 1919, the Drum & Bugle Corps started with eight Drummers.  In 1939, Bugles were added and the number of Drummers had grown to eighteen.  In 1940, Cymbals and Glockenspiels were added and the Drum & Bugle Corps has continued with these instruments to this day.  Instruments are furnished by the Drum & Bugle Corps.

In the early 1970s, the Drum & Bugle Corps adopted the nickname “The Proud Ones”.  We are still “The Proud Ones”, but our numbers are dwindling and many of the members that we have left are physically unable to march in the parades.  This is why we need your help.  We need members that are able to march.  It would be helpful if you are able to play one of the instruments, but not essential.  We have members that can assist you in learning to play.  We have a Drum Master, a Bugle Master and a Glockenspiel Instructor. 

In one of my first parades, I heard one of the parade-goers comment as we were approaching their crowd: “Now we have a Parade!”  That one comment has always stayed with me and made me realize that the Drum & Bugle Corps is a crowd pleaser and always makes a good Parade better. 

Please join us and help us carry on a long-standing tradition.  Be one of "The Proud Ones". Come and visit with us, check out our Unit and see what we are all about..  We need you and other Nobles just like you.
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