AMHC Jack Van Lieu

USNR(TAR) - Retired

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I am an HC-9 Plank Owner. I arrived at HC-9 prior to the Commissioning Ceremony of
August 1, 1975. (Around June.) During my time in HC-9, I served as:

  • W/C 120 Supervisor
  • QA (Airframes)
  • Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI).

Following my time in HC-9, I transferred to:

  • VR-55 (1978 to 1985)
    1. I made several trips to the Phillipines.
    2. Selected and Advanced to Chief Petty Officer.
  • HS-85
  • VR-57
    1. Went to West Africa for 2 months
    2. Made several trips to the Phillipine Islands
    3. Made one trip to Tahiti

I retired in 1987......Went to college and got into acting. Mostly local stuff, but one movie
called Illegal Smile. (Kind of a strange movie.) But.....Hollywood has not called yet.

I live in Eureka, CA. behind the Redwood Curtain. I married a Coastie Storekeeper. (The best
wife I have ever had.)