AMHC John Hart "Jack" Van Lieu III
USNR (TAR) - Retired

September 20, 1947 - October 31, 2008
Age - 61 Years

May you be blessed with fair winds as you soar on high with the Master.
Jack was a Plank-Holder in HC-9 and was there when the Squadron began in August of 1975. He served as HC-9 Work Center 120 Supervisor. He also served in Quality Assurance and was an Airframes Collateral Duty Inspector. Following his departure from HC-9, he served in VR-55, HS-85 and VR-57. Jack retired from the U.S. Navy in 1987. Following his retirement from the Navy Jack went to college. Jack found his place in an acting career. Since 1989 he has displayed his love for acting and has performed in various plays at the various local Repertory Theatres.
Jack was a descendant of John Hart, one of the signers of our Declaration of Independence.
Jack is survived by his Wife, Ellen, and her sons, Roger, Doug, Dan & Barry; his two daughters, Heather Grimshaw & Aimee Anderson of St. Louis, MO; his Grandchildren, Kristyn, Kaitlyn, Austin, Jacob, Cole and Ryan; his adopted Grand-Daughter, Cindy Connolly; and his father-in-law, Shell Thuet.

Thoughts from Jack's Wife, Ellen

We met while on Active Duty in 1980 at Naval Air Station Alameda. He was in the United States Navy and I was in the United States Coast Guard. After one date, we were inseparable. We married October 13, 1980, and made a silent pact: I'd be his life/living mentor and he'd be my Mr. Fixit. He was Florida State Go-Cart Champion for, two years in the 1960's, and at age 16 he held .his A&P Mechanics License. He retired from the USN as AMHC (Hydraulics) in 1987. He Graduated from College of the Redwoods, with High Honors in 1989.

He was a member of the Porsche Club and since 1989 has acted in various plays at the different Repertory Theatres here. Among his many accomplishments (mechanic, welder, carpenter, plumber, painter, house wiring, gardener, cooking & baking) he earned a caregiver Certificate and felt privileged caring for his famous 96 year old Fatherin-law.
On a windy OCtober 11th, a neighbor's fence caught on fire. Several neighbors and Jack (all Heroes) fought the fire. Jack's USN training "to save the ship", was to put out the fire at the base of it. He ran into the toxic black smoke several times with tubs of water. Ten days after that Heroic act, he was admitted to the Hospital with Pneumonia.

He was a descendant of Johr Hart, signer of our Declaratior of Independence. Jack had expected to be a precinct Inspector for the Registrar of Voters on November 4, 2008.

My deepest gratitude to Susan Putkowska of McKinleyville and Roger Iverson, (Jack's Health Care Directive Agent), for their unwavering support. Also, thank you to Shell's Hospice team.

My Darling Jack was an unusual man. He loved to talk to everyone that would listen. The man I knew was sensitive and fragile on the inside. My pain of his loss is softened by these words.

"I'll see you in my dreams, hold you in my dreams. Someone took you out of my arms.; still I feel the thrill of your charms. lips that once were mine; tender eyes that shine. They will light my way to night; I'll see you in my dreams" .