AO1 John Russell



I served in HC-9 from August 1975 until February 1979 and belong to that "elite club" known as a "Plankholder. During my tour in HC-9, I was mainly assigned as the Work Center 230 Supervisor.

When I left HC-9, I transferred to VA-303 at Nas Alameda . I was there from 1979 to 1983. I was discharged in June 1983 after choosing not to re-enlist. After discharge, I went to the College of Alameda for Aviation Maintenance. After a little over a year in school I went to work at NARF Alameda in the Pylon Shop. Then I hired on at NS Mare Island working as an Engineering Technician on Submarines in the fluid systems branch. I worked there until 1991 when it was decided that Mare Island would be shut down. I then applied for a Job at Davis-Mothan AFB at the Bone Yard, where I worked in the Egress and Weapons Shop. I really enjoyed that job. I got to work on all types and models of A/C. I worked there until 1999 until I had a Heart attack and had to undergo triple bypass surgery. I was then assigned to the Tech Dept. as an Engineering Technician doing paper work for priority parts pulls. I worked at this job until I retired from Civil Service in October 2006.

In Feb of 1983, I met and married my present wife Diane. We have two boys... one now 24 and the other 22. The older is also named John and the younger one is named Shaun. We all live In Tucson Az. along with my other family members. I still try to stay busy working with the Boy scouts and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe here in Tucson.

I still like to go to the range and shoot as often as I can.