Carrier Squadrons and Non-Carrier Based Squadrons Involved in 1986 Libyan Operations

(24 March–15 April 1986)

The time frames for squadron involvement in Operation Prairie Fire during March and Operation Eldorado Canyon during April 1986 are not listed. Some of the squadrons involved in the March operations were not present during the April operations, and vice versa.

Carrier Based Squadrons

America(CV 66) with CVW-1 (Tail Code AB)

VA-34 A-6E and KA-6D
VA-46 A-7E
VA-72 A-7E
VF-33 F-14A
VF-102 F-14A
VS-32 S-3A
VAW-123 E-2C
HS-11 SH-3H
VMAQ-2 Det EA-6B
VQ-2 Det EA-3B

Coral Sea(CV 43) with CVW-13 (Tail Code AK)

VFA-131 F/A-18A VFA-132 F/A-18A VA-55 A-6E and KA-6D VAW-127 E-2C VAQ-135 EA-6B VQ-2 Det EA-3B VMFA-314 F/A-18A VMFA-323 F/A-18A HS-17 SH-3H

Saratoga (CV 60) with CVW-17 (Tail Code AA)

VA-81 A-7E VA-83 A-7E VF-74 F-14A VF-103 F-14A VA-85 A-6E and KA-6D VAQ-137 EA-6B VAW-125 E-2C VS-30 S-3A HS-3 SH-3H VQ-2 Det EA-3B

Guadalcanal(LPH 7) (Tail Code EG for HMM-263)

HMM-263 AH-1T, CH-53E and CH-46E

Note: Dets (Detachments) aboard the carriers did not use the same Tail Code assigned to the air wing (CVW).

Non-Carrier Based Squadrons

Squadron Tail Code Aircraft
HSL-32 Dets HV SH-2F
HSL-34 Dets HX SH-2F
HSL-36 Dets HY SH-2F
HSL-42 Dets HN SH-60B
VP-23 LJ P-3C
VP-56 LQ P-3C
HC-4 HC CH-53E
HC-6 Det HW UH-46D and CH-46D
VR-22 JL C-130F
VAQ-138 Det * EA-6B
VR-24 JM C-2A
HC-8 Dets BR UH-46A and CH-46D
HS-1 Det AR SH-3
HC-9 Det NW HH-3A

See the chronology section for March and April 1986 for a more detailed account of these operations.

* VAQ-138 was under the control of Commander Medium Attack Tactical Electronic Warfare Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet and did not have a permanently assigned tail code until it became part of CVW-8 in June 1986.



GBU-10E/B Paveway II laser-guided bombs are prepared for war on the deck of John F. Kennedy the day before Desert Strom began.

Saratoga operating in the Red Sea during Desert Storm and the flight deck of John F. Kennedy is in the foreground with F-14 Tomcats on deck.