AMHC (AW) Irv Freige

USNR(TAR) Retired


Served as a "Protector" at HELSUPPRON Nine from September 1983 to September 1987. I reported to HC-9 as an AMH2 assigned to Airframes, maintaining the Sikorsky HH-3A, followed by assignment as the Airframes Supervisor and continued accumulating qualifications to finish my tour as a Full Systems Quality Assurance Representative, (QAR) responsible for monitoring of aircraft maintenance programs and policies. Performed safety of flight inspection in Airframes, Power Plants, Hydraulic, Avionics/Electrical, Corrosion Control and Aviators Life Support Equipment relating to the HH-3A aircraft. I was a member of the "Line of Death 86" Mediterranean Detachment-Alpha and completed 17 detachments to NAS Fallon, Nevada and 1 Detachment to Yuma, Arizona.

I retired from the Navy from HSL-84 in August 1995 as an AMHC and reflect back on many positive experiences, memories and many good friends...

Today, I am doing well with the FAA here in Wichita, Kansas. After retiring from the Navy, I relocated my family to Saint Joseph, Missouri in 1996. I worked with Trans World Airlines in Kansas City, MO until July 1998 when I was hired by the FAA at the Kansas City Flight Standards District Office (KC-FSDO). I have since been reassigned to the FAA Central Region staff and two years ago I relocated to the Wichita FSDO in Wichita, Kansas where I am the Air Carrier Unit Supervisor (GS-15).

I am just approaching my 19th anniversary with my Wife, Julie, with whom I have four great kids. (Mackenzie 17, Joseph (Joe) 15, Carly 8 and Alexandra (Alex) 5)

My Greatest Memories

1. Performed a Main Gearbox change in a grass field at Julian CA (Located in San Diego's eastern county area.) over a three day weekend in August 1985. I recall the aircraft being ready for FCF when a Blade Inspection Method Indicator (BIM) was discovered broken. A new BIM and servicing kit was transported from NAS North Island and I had just changed the BIM indicator when it was discovered that the hose connection was missing from the blade service box. With great disappointment and knowing that it would take hours to receive the tool; I was head down looking into AFCM Jim Jackson's truck and noticed a bicycle pump. Knowing that I only needed about 11 PSI, I cut the fitting from his pump and adapted it to the blade servicing kit. The aircraft was able to depart the field on FCF before sunset.

2. Then, CDR Paul Huish, approaching me one late night with a partly folded sponson stub wing that I later had to change. That's another story that I will save for another time.

3. Camaraderie and long term relationships with many other Protectors.

4. Being, along with others, Don Manuals whoopin' boy...